Gcm Version for 1.0.9 is released! GitHub Milestone

Thanks to the following contributors:

Thanks to the following users for providing issues:

Commons chages

  • Classs support scan in jar file
  • Add maven install script
  • Support elasticsearch by api
  • Support hive

Netty changes

  • Fix that the program cannot start when the specified controller package is empty
  • Fix the scan error of non externally provided method in controller
  • Fix path is not specified / prefix makes path unrecognized
  • Fixed that the service could not scan the specified controller when using compressed packages
  • Fix that the view did not pass parameters, causing the service to fail to resolve

Postgres changes

  • Add @PostgresSource annotation

ClickHouse changes

  • Add @ClickHouseSource annotation

Docs changes

  • Add elasticsearch docs
  • Add hive doc

Example changes

  • Add elasticsearch example
  • Add hive example
  • Add zookeeper example